Each dim sum that is produced by Little Bangkok follows a consistent set of practices and standards.

Hand-made by award-winning chefs, our dim sums only utilize high-quality ingredients, giving the finished product a premium taste.

All our products are 100% halal and have no MSG.

And to top it all, every dim sum is restaurant quality and surprisingly easy to prepare.

Don't wait any longer. Head to your local supermarket and stock up on Little Bangkok's premium dim sums!

For more information, visit: www.littlebangkok.com


  • Peking Duck Spring Rolls

    Spring rolls with Peking duck and Hoisin sauce

    400g Net 16 Pieces
  • Salapao Roasted Chicken

    Premium chinese bun with bbq chicken.

    160g Net 4 Pieces
  • Salapao Minced Chicken

    Premium Chinese bun with minced chicken.

    160g Net 4 Pieces
  • Chicken Siu Mai

    Premium steamed chicken dumpling in wonton skin.

    264g Net 12 Pieces
  • Hargao Premium (handmade)

    Premium classic dumpling with prawn.

    240g Net 8 Pieces
  • Prawns Siu Mai

    Premium dumpling in wonton skin with whole prawn.

    288g Net 12 Pieces